Friday, February 24, 2006

The interesting things you see in blog stats 2

Continuing my rant about the things I'm seeing in blog statistics....(and an excuse to see how the JustBlogIt extension works with this site)

One thing I find really annoying is seeing the bad things that bring people to my blog site.

I don't and won't engage in these things, but evidently it doesn't stop people from coming back they are looking on how to crack software, obtain serial numbers, other other ways to avoid having to buy software that they want to use.

I always felt that it was because I'm a Professional software developer that it is why I don't do it, though I've have learned from my peers that it is not because I'm a software developer that I won't pirate or steal software. It is because I'm a Professional....and perhaps more specifically because I am a Professional Engineer.

Which is important now that I live in a country that no longer recognizes the significance of being a REAL Engineer.