Friday, December 08, 2006

Facebook | Engineers without Borders - KSU

I have now created a group on Facebook for Engineers without Borders - the KSU Chapter....

That's in addition to their web site at

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Among the many things I do as a Unix Systems Administrator at K-State, is doing updates to our DNS server. And, from time to time see the stuff that comes across our internal listserv for DNS requests.

Today, we got the request for the 'top-level' name of "donteatpoop" fits into the 4 usual suspects of with and without 'www.' in front of it, and with both and as the domain name.

Kind of a strange name to request, considering where it redirects to, etc....and being an ex-Canadian, it hasn't escaped me that its also a .ca site....

I don't however take care of the web content, so it is kind of strange looking redirect, etc.... Which only stood out because earlier this morning (while getting ready to leave home for work) I happened to do some googling on web redirection. Though I was looking on how to best implement the masked variety. Because the library would like to have a nicer domain name than the current exposed host name, port number and long (application revealing) URI that currently shows for one of the many growing digital content related stuff that the library now offers.

I have two approaches that came up to try, only somebody else should decide on what the 'nice' name should be....

Thursday, October 19, 2006

This is a test

Well, this is only a test to see if I can post to by Blogspot blog via my Sprint Blackberry, which for reasons unknown doesn't generate plaintext Emails... Which my other mobile blog won't accept.

This does also serve to be that somewhat more substantial test of typing on my new Blackberry. The learning curve does exist, but it isn't as bad as what I went through with SureType. It is mostly about the differences from that, though there are some adjustments from a 'real' keyboard and from what my fingers seem to expect for placement and feel.

Anyways, we now return you to....
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Saturday, October 14, 2006

this is the samaBlog » 888-322-2785

I was thumbing through my caller ID the other day...and noticed this toll free number had been calling me, while I've been at work. And, not leaving any voice mails.

Good thing I turned of Simulring, because it was costing me every time somebody called me whether I answered the call or not. Mainly because of a bad circuit at AT&T...kept dumping calls to my landline into noise. Even though its just a basic local only service, so when I don't answer...nothing else should.

Anyways...just got the call again...decided to see if Google would shed any light....usually it doesn't for these kinds of calls.

But, looks like Discover is phishing again. I wish they'd stop....

The last time I answered a phishing call from Discover...the pitch person said because I have never missed a payment and always pay my card in full each month...for completely free and no charge, I could have credit protection on my account. I didn't sound right, but he offered to send me the information in writing. So, I agreed to that.

The next month...I found charges for credit protection, etc. I called and yelled at Discover about it. They claimed that I had said 'yes' to getting the service, though they don't really record any of their calls....that's just a legal disclaimer incase they did. So, there's no proof that what I said 'yes' to was to get information in writing. Which I didn't get on the following week.

And the credit protection service assumes you won't pay, so they can make money off of the people that never miss a payment and always pay in cover themselves against the people that use the service so they don't have to pay them.

I wish I had a recording of the pitch conversation....then I'd have evidence to back up a complaint against them. But, that's probably why they don't really record any of their calls for quality purposes....

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tough Enough to Wear Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So, for this month I've been wearing my 'special' badge lanyard...its light blue with pink ribbons all over it.

And, there's this polo shirt in my collection...though I won't be wearing it this Friday, since I picked up a "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" shirt...but perhaps one of the other Friday's this month.

For me...its because I had an aunt....

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What is my local calling area?

Or more importantly, is 785-304 in my local calling area?

Why is it that this kind of information seems absolutely impossible to find. Can't seem to find it via Google. Can't find it on my phone company's site (AT&T)....there was a localcalling form on an SBC site, which I found using Google, but it refuses to accept 785 as a valid area code.

I suppose the obvious thing is to try calling the number from a toll restricted phone and see if it works. Though I don't currently have access to one....the one on my desk here at work still doesn't work.

But, it would be nice to find out if the number that T-Mobile assigned me can be reached from work, without being blocked for being non-local. Since it is kind of the point of why I switched my T-Mobile number from the Columbus, Ohio number I was using.

It is one of the strange backward things about landlines these days. With my cellphone and VoIP, I can call anywhere in the easily as locally. And, VoIP extends my reach further....

But, a basic local toll only phone line from AT&T is double the 500 minute plans from Lingo or Vonage. And, way more than the Broadvoice's BYOD-lite plan. Though I'm probably gonna easily exceed the 100 minute allotment that it gives. While I've had trouble exceeding the 500 minute allotments.

I suppose what I might look at is the use of simulring or call forwarding. Actually, this sounds like a good thing to test selective call forwarding on...and I wonder if there's a limit on how many different numbers to selectively call forward. IE: all my co-workers and all the different numbers they might call me from.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Microsoft wants to buy back my shares

I've gotten two letters and at least 4 urgent emails telling me that Microsoft wants to buy back shares...and that I need to respond if I want to get on this deal, or just ignore if I don't want to.

Well, obviously I'm going to ignore the offer....they are like only offering $24-22 a share in the buyback. And, my basis is $30 a share.

And, I don't need the capital gains loss this year...since I just made a major relocation for a new job....(and not to work for Microsoft, who had recruiters calling me regularly to ask if I'd come work for them....and then never hearing back, except to hear from people that were at Microsoft that it wasn't unusual to be interviewed and then not hear back for over a year....)

Actually, there was a time where I thought that if they dropped to $20...I might double my position (to bring my basis down to $25 ;D)....but it never got that low and now I don't have the disposable income to do it.

Meanwhile, I'm still slowly catching up on my email Outlook I'm up to July 20th and there's more than 1700 messages ahead .... It is worse in Thunderbird, because there are things I skipped over that I intend to go back and "This is True" and "DNRC" newsletters....that history goes back to when I was first informed of my lay off.... I also hope to someday make some gain from the employee stock that I had acquired.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Is it really August already?

In as many times these past few days...I keep writing 7 or 07 instead of 8 or 08 for the month.

Strange how time just seems to be sliding past lately. Must be the whole living in a new city, working a new job, etc.

Or maybe I'm just trying to avoid facing the crunch of projects that need to get done before the students come crashing in....

Monday, July 24, 2006

Let's have a reunion....

Actually, my 20 year High School Reunion will be on September 9th. I had said I would attend, though that was before I transplanted myself to Manhattan, etc.

But, at least I told my boss about it, so it is still a possibility.

Meanwhile, feeling accomplished....I went to Yahoo! and created a couple of groups related to this. One for SWC86 and the other for Zoo90 ;D

Click here to join SWC86

Click to join SWC86

Click here to join Zoo90

Click to join Zoo90

Sunday, July 09, 2006

It is always in the last place you look!

I've been here a week, and I've yet to have a decent cup of morning coffee. Been using bags from an old box of "Maxwell House Coffee Single" that I had come across while packing, which I had set aside incase I didn't get the coffee maker set up or it didn't survive the move.

Well, it did survive, so the only thing missing was my coffee container and, more important, coffee filters. So, this morning I made it my mission to find these elusive items, especially since finding out that I had bought the wrong kind during a recent shopping expedition (if you don't know, I don't drive...not since the accident, where as I laid in the second ambulance trip, to a bigger, university, hospital... unable to move, I heard some people talking about some concern around C4! But later I was able to walk, more or less, out of the hospital... :).

Well, I tore through every single box in sight and started looking in boxes that I had labelled as clearly not what I was looking for. I should have specifically labeled this box as having the coffee stuff, but I got sloppy at the end. :o I didn't find it, started to wonder if a box had gotten lost... settled on having another Coffee Single morning. :'(

Later when I was sitting on the toilet, which having my morning coffee does. :p. I notice a box I had missed sitting by the washing machine, I recognized that it was a found box (having run out during the packing process) and realized that it was a box I would have labeled 'FOOD'! Well, there they are! Unfortunately, something in the box didn't survive the move and everying was kind of sticky. Apparently, a packet of instant miso soup had ruptured. The movers seemed to like turning my boxes upside down, even the ones plastered on which way was up! They also stacked boxes in whatever orientation they wanted, even boxes that shouldn't (like boxes with handle holes containing stuff that was loose...did probably lose a few loose items this way.)

The only bad thing is that I don't recall coming across the box with my extra AA batteries. Guess I'll once again have to buy some more, even though I should have tons somewhere.

Well, I was planning on making two more expeditions today....
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Desperately seeking a... cable!

The bad thing was during packing, I was finding so many that I was just throwing them out at the end.

But the new place doesn't have a wall jack, so I need a cord for my phone.
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Small problem...

...among other perhaps more important ones.

But, my new living room is either too big or my 43" DLP RPTV is too small! :o

What is more pressing is how should run things for my internet access. :?
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The movers are here

And I haven't worked out where everything will go yet.... :o
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Now on final for Manhattan

With the flight into MCI being so punctual, and my bags being among the first to hit the baggage carosel... I was able to make the call to KCIRoadRunner and get out for (almost) immediate pickup to be on my way to my new home!

Otherwise, I was expecting to hear that there might a couple hour wait before the couple of hours+ to get through to Manhattan and home.

Still haven't any idea what I'll do there yet...for things like supper, etc. Wonder how much will be open tomorrow for other shopping?

Guess as long as I can work a nice crash in... getting some curtains would be nice, to this end. :o
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Good thing I went to the airport really early

As I was waiting for the shuttle to the airport, I got notification that my flight would be delayed an hour already.

I did already have a guess that there would be major delays at ORD.

At check-in they put me on an earlier flight via DFW. :)

Should also get into MCI earlier!
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Bad weather today....

It seems just about everytime I need to fly now, the weather is bad....wonder how badly I'll be affected this, my final flight, to Manhattan (MHK) from Columbus (CMH)....via ORD.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The stumping game...

Looks like I just played the stumping game, and won!

The game is where you pay a bill with a clearly significant amount, which implies "keep the change". And, the waitress can't figure out how much change to give you back...

IE: today's bill came to $25+change, and I left $31. ;D


Now to call a cab, so I can go some where nice to crash.

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Uh Oh

There's trouble brewing!

Three more pieces to go, but they are rearranging the load....

When will this day end... I'm in need of a shower and bed .z.z.z. And a few Advils would be nice as well. 8-)
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End in sight?

Looks like we are coming up on the home stretch. They have wrapped my mattresses up in plastic. This something no other move has done, maybe there's a future for this company... ...except as I already said, I don't plan on there ever being another move for me! ;)
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I hear fireworks!

I guess somebody else here in Ohio is a Canadian!

Meanwhile, I just watched the movers push their truck out of the way of blocking somebody in! Now to see if they can get it back, and finish the load.

Seems the truck requires a push start!?!
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Umm, things'll get really interesting...

...tonight, after the movers take all my lamps! :)

Guess that sets my revised plan....
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I never noticed before that the neighbor below me has a wall AC unit in their livingroom window, before. I guess I didn't get out much (at all) during my unemployment.
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Sounds like a bird in distress... is probably a/some hungry chicks, perhaps the ones in the nest featured on my phlog.

Guess all the moving today is keeping mom away :(
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Starting to get dark

Maybe I'll have to revise my evening plans. Though I would think that my hotel reservation is safe since I charged it to American Express, at least I'm pretty sure that I did.
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I don't ever want to move again!

And not just because I'm going to be way over estimate and budget, or that the next one will probably cost me a small fortune in new boxes.

But moving is a pain in general.

Maybe I need to shoot for winning the lottery so that I can secure ownership of my home there... and at least enough to basically live out my days there.

Meanwhile, the place is starting to look really big and empty. Which might be a bad thing, because the new place didn't seem all that big....
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I found it...

I knew it was somewhere. But I just couldn't find it.

Didn't think to look behind my bedroom door...which I don't think I've ever closed in all the time I've lived here.

Now I can throw it out.
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Looks like I'll be having a late supper... Steak n Shake, again.

And, then I'm not sure... probably just a really quick look over and then hail a cab for the hotel I'll be spending the next two nights until my final trip to Manhattan.
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I was wrong

Turns out the last truck is also a move out. Just a rental where the driver really wanted to get close.
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Busy place today

Just spotted my fourth moving truck today, and that's just the area visible from my apartment.

Though this last one seems to be going the other direction. Not sure if more out than in is a good thing or not. Though I know the other out from my building is a local move, because the person was moving some of his own stuff... and it didn't take long for him to make a trip.
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Just occurred to me...

Aside from today being Canada Day... Independence Day is just around the corner, and with luck that will be the day the movers get me into my new place...minimizing the amount of time I'll have to sleep (and live) in an empty place. ;D

Normally, if I'm lucky I can see some fireworks through the trees behind my apartment. I wonder how they celebrate things in Manhattan?

OTOH, I suspect it being close to a University there'll be lots of people setting of fireworks late at night. It happens here, and we aren't that close. The University factor is that there'll probably be more of it.

Wonder what I'll have in the way of window covers, if any.
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This might take a while...

Boy am I email/cellphone blogging a lot today. Wonder if I should see about adding the capability to my main blog?

But looks like the move will take a while. There are only two people doing the move. The other move from here had four people working that move. Plus that was from a second floor apartment, I'm in a third floor apartment.

The move in should hopefully go better, it is only a half story up. I had decided that I didn't want top floor this time around... But, I didn't like how close the lower floor windows were from the ground (lower floor is half story down, which worked because the building is built on a hill with street and parking 'above'.)

I guess the only thing that worries me about that is the more cramped floorplan.
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....shortly after I hit send, I hear this truck coming. It's them!
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It's 3PM, do you know where your movers are?

Well, I don't....

And I'm getting really annoyed!

...more to follow...

since the matter resolved, and the way that it did.... I don't feel like writing anything more on this.

But, the lateness was justified and I thought things went better than expected....

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The things you learn when you bored

It has always seemed off that the outlet by the sink in one bathroom wasn't a GFCI. Turns out that it is downstream of the outlet in the other bathroom, so it was probably overkill that I had a plug in unit...

This led me to check out the kitchen plugs, there are three counter plugs...and only two are GFCI, as expected one of them was linked to the GFCI next to it... Then I wondered about the plug on the other side of the sink... It is tied to the GFCI on the other side of the oven... Kind of distant, but I guess it makes sense in a lazy kind of way.

Wonder how things will be in my new place?
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Keeping cool at home

What's interesting about right now is that it is pretty cool in my apartment right now, and I don't recall the AC having been on since I got up this morning.

Probably largely due to all the normal stuff not running right now. Hmm, the fridge just started running. Guess it is warm enough inside there to need it, even though I turned way up(?) since there is now hardly anything in there.

Meanwhile, I'm now finding out typing on the keypad of my BB7100t... Finding it rather annoying how it consistantly gets stuff wrong, or at the last second completely makes the word wrong...

There is a plan to eventually replace this device with something else, though I don't know with what yet. Kind of depends on whether I'll be changing carriers due to my move.... There might also be other reasons.
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The Move... Fustrated!

A couple days ago the mover's dispatcher called to say they couldn't make it until late on June 30th, and asked it 9am on July 1st would be alright. I said it would be.

Come this morning at 9... No movers!? 9:i30... 10.... So I go into my suitcase to dig out there number to find out what is going on. They said they would call the driver and get back to me. Suddenly it is 11:30 and still no movers. So I call again. Dispatch recognized my name, and said there had been no answer when then tried calling the driver and assumed they were close or something. She said she would call again and get back to me. This time she did call back, but to say that it would be about 3 hours before the truck would arrive.

Guess I'll go to Steak n Shake for lunch (again, had supper there last night). Maybe starting late will be better for them.... The other move out for my same building might be done by then, and maybe there'll be fewer cars parked out front. Though it is Saturday... So fewer people might be going out. Yesterday the front parking was deserted...

Oh well, off to lunch... Since all the open access points around here seem to have gone away...
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Manhattan, Kansas Here I Come!

Well, I'm at least a step closer to getting moved to Manhattan, Kansas....I've charged my deposit on the move.

Now, I'm waiting to hear back when my actual move out date will be and the window of when my move in date is.

Hopefully, enough notice so I can find a one-way airplane ticket to get me there in between the two processes. And, start living in an empty place. Though I expect it to be better living in the empty place there than the empty place here. ;D

Still lots of do in packing and other preparations....and maybe start looking at change of address notification.

Also need to sort out some time to say some good-byes :..(

Saturday, June 17, 2006

MythBusters: Killer Brace Position

I was just watching this old episode of Mythbusters, having not seen it originally.....due to problems getting it to record around conflicting shows....

I'm really getting into watching them again, largely perhaps because of Kari Byron....after all I guess I have this thing about red heads ;D

Anyways...I though the cell phone versus drunk test was interesting....because it reminded me of a bar argument I remember being around back in the early 90's when the goverment was trying to make 0.08 the legal standard for the whole country....rather than where lots of places which had higher limits (and I seem to recall one place had 0.05).....

It was interesting in Mythbusters, because they used a 0.08 legal limit...and they had Adam and Kari be legal(ly drunk). And, they both failed. Which means they've not only proven that talking on your cellphone while driving is just as bad as driving while impaired....

But, they proved that the 0.08 legal limit is too high (and perhaps equally arbitrary to any other legal limit). And, that the legal limit needs to be lowered....

Since lately them seem to enjoy drinking on the show so much....perhaps they should do a show where they see just how high of a BAC they can blow before they can't pass the driving test.

Though can't understand why you can't just have people that drink shouldn't drive...PERIOD. After all, I never drank when I was driving (having done sufficient drinking for my lifetime, and then getting my license)....and I was still perfectly capable of getting into accidents and nearly getting myself killed. Now I just neither drink nor drive :D

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Debt to Pack Rat Propensity?

Wonder if anybody has done a study on the relationship between a person's personal debt and their tendancy to be a pack rat?

I've always been quite a pack rat. I have boxes and boxes of stuff cluttering up my apartment, some of which probably hasn't been opened since I first left home (1990). While, there are other things that at least got unpacked so that they could be at least seen.

There were are probably 3 (off the top of my head) main reasons why I keep stuff around.

1. worried I'll need it some day, and don't want to buy it again.
2. memories
3. nostalgic

While 2 and 3 are probably heavily intertwined...the best distinction is probably....keeping my old school notebooks (2) or keeping a 100MB harddrive (3).

Well, once upon a time...and up until about a year and half ago...I had times it was pretty serious, too. And, I kept all kinds of things. Like great big boxes of clothing I had outgrown...back when I was extremely underweight, as opposed to where people still consider me underweight, but I see being 50% heavier than I was an improvement. In comparison, I feel heavy...and it seems to be making me less active. Though there are other health reasons why I'm this way. But, I'm hoping that after I relocate to Manhattan, KS, etc....that I'll be able to work on address this.

Anyways...I've been slowly working on packing some of my stuff up...and as I go through things (both previously unpacked and boxes that hadn't been opened since a previous move)...I'm finding it much easier to throw away stuff than I used to.

Like I am going to free myself of all the old clothes that doesn't fit me anymore (except where it falls into category 3, like my old Scout uniform ;)

As for the 100MB harddrive, that's already packed away somewhere. It was the first harddrive that I ever personally purchased and owned.....

Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm moving to Manhattan....

...the one in Kansas.

I just accepted an offer to work as a Unix Systems Administrator at K-State.

Now to work out the move.

iWon News - Beneficiaries of Distributed Computing

Here's a related article from the same site....which mentions some of the other projects I also participate in.

I've already set Einstein@home (and the not mentioned LHC@home) to run with a lower resource share. And, I've stopped running, because they still haven't fixed the issue where it crashes on Linux.

And my Windows (server) box is too slow for the task....especially when it starts thrashing.....but it has the max. physical memory that the i815 chipset supports.

The article also fails to mention one other project that I participate in....SIMAP.

iWon News - Researcher Looks to PCs for Medical Cures

Here's an article about Rosetta@Home, a BOINC project that I participate in.

Lately, I've been thinking of shifting my participation in BOINC projects to allocate more resources to projects like this....and lead my sizeable lead on Seti@home credits decline.

Even though one of the projects I'd be interested in crunching, says that you should have at least 1GB in the machine to run it. And, I don't yet have such a beast idling away to give to this.

But, it is on my list to upgrade some of my old part to better do BOINC work....

Monday, May 22, 2006 TV Ratings > 1960's

Hmmm, the Classic TV Hits of 1968-1969 (when I was born)....

There's a few on there that I #10 - The Beverly Hillbillies, or #12 - Bewitched. I vague recall watching #14 - My Three Sons as a child.... I think that leaves #26 - I Dream of Jeannie and #29 - The Lawrence Welk Show...though the last one because my mom watched it....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Louis Rukeyser 1933-2006

Hmmm, I guess I hadn't been paying attention lately. But, Louis Rukeyser passed away on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006.

I had missed not seeing him on the tube, and haven't been able to really find anything else on the tube that comes close....

Friday, April 28, 2006

Square Bagels

A couple weeks ago, I was in Walmart...and I spotted Thomas Square Bagels.

The intent was to have one as breakfast before jetting off for a business trip. Though my usually coffee only breakfast got the better of me, and I didn't get to them until later.

When I finally did try them, I was rather disappointed....not much in the way of a bagel experience in a different form factor that I was expecting.

In trying to come up with how I should use what I had though....I decided to try it really toasted and drowned in butter.

I found this a much better experience, a nice change from plain buttered toast.

Later I came across this blurb:

"With all the flavor of a bagel, and the soft texture of bread, Squares is a tasty alternative to bread. For breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacking, Squares is the delicious new shape of things to come."
So while it is poor as a bagel, it is nice alternative to bread. Having discovered this solution late, and having much craving to excessive butter (actually margarine, spreadable butter hasn't made it onto Walmart's shelves) consumption...I made another trip to Walmart to buy another bag. I noticed on the bag this time on suggestions for possible uses....the one that caught my eye was garlic toast. I'm sure I could've done this with regular toast, but for some reason it had never crossed my mind before.

But, this is what I've been having as lunch lately....

Monday, April 24, 2006

Hear, See, Speak

This morning, while checking my email I got my daily Google Alert on the key phrase "Avril Lavigne". Can't believe I still have this search active, but I guess I'm just too lazy to remove it (even though it only takes one click). Though I also still have other alerts for "Sarah McLachlan" or "Doctor Who" (where the last one frequently alerts me to things that have nothing to do with what I'm actually looking for ;)'s (actually yesterday's) result set included one that caught my eye....the headline was "Lane Bryant introduces line for plus-size brides".....with a excert with a bunch of names, none of which I would think of as plus-size. But, it was one of those notes things with little blocks of many different headings....the Lane Bryant entries was the first block, the block with "Avril Lavigne" was the 3rd one -- "Aldo's AIDS campaign".

Having no extra money these days, and can't really think of a why...I bought a 'HEAR' tag anyways....

Avril Lavigne -- HEAR

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Firefox tweak uncovered - Reduce memory usage on minimize » The PC Doctor

An interesting tweak for Firefox....not sure if I trust it, but I'm gonnna use in on one of my machines where memory is very tight.

The chipset will only support a maximum 512MB of memory...and that's no longer enough for what I run on there. Partly because of the non-native servers/services that I run on there....3 are Java and two .Net....

Monday, April 17, 2006

Logan's Roadhouse

is where I had supper today in Johnson City, TN....

First and only place now outside of the normal realm of experience....other than yesterday eating at Outback Steakhouse and asking for a table for 1, but at least I had eaten there once before in my life.

Anyways, back to Logan's Roadhouse. Turned out to be a good experience eating here, even though I'm feeling excessively stuffed.

But, that's because they heard me wrong when taking my order and my Steak and Shrimp combo entree arrived as a Steak and Rib combo entree. No problem, they let me keep the ribs and brought me the shrimp. I'm sure I was under no obligation to eat everything and they brought me a container to take stuff home if need be. Though not very practical since this is part of my trip to Johnson City, TN...and I'm flying back home tomorrow....

So, I just ate and ate...and let my belt out another notch.....and ate some more. Then I paid my bill, applying my customary math for the tip...rounding up, of course. And, made my way back to the Comfort Suites to.....find stuff online to occupy my time until I feel sufficient tired to call it a night.

It is a shame that there isn't a whole lot on TV to watch tonight....though it is really hard watching the TV, since it is a regular 4:3 TV...and worse it is the highly rounded tube least my old SD TV was of the flatter/squarer tube type....but now it just looks so bad compared to the HDTV (DLP RPTV) that I have.

At least last night I had some stuff to watch, because I had transferred some video files to my laptop before leaving. I suppose if I was really desparate, I could do the same...though the process is a bit more complicated since the computer that runs DVArchive is different than the computer that I can do file transfers with (oddly, the one IM client that works for this has been Windows Messenger.....) But, it is slow and painful and I think by the time I get it done, it'll be time for some ZZZ's. Only have about 512kbps for upstream with my home Internet connection.

Though a speedtest I did last night, recorded a 3Mbps upstream for the hotel's wifi connection. (though it only recorded a 1.5Mbps downstream....probably more people downloading than uploading in the hotel....)

The other meals this trip haven't been very significant....(though it was a nice thick, medium rare steak that I had....)

I had lunch at McDonalds in CVG (had an over 3 hour layover there)....then Outback Steakhouse was the supper....Today, a pastry and a coffee was my breakfast...guess you have to be early to do waffles....its self serve, but I guess they have a limited number of cups of premeasured batter, etc....guess I'll miss them again tomorrow, because I plan to not get up as early.... Meanwhile, I had lunch at Panera Bread....having the Pepperblue Steak sandwich. Wow, all this beef....though I was craving it a while ago...because it is scarce now when I'm scrounging up supper at home.

Wonder what I'm going to do tomorrow.... there's that bag of Al Dente Garlic Parsley Fettuccine

Though how late am I'm going to be at getting home....well, I guess I won't be that late...guess I'll plan for it. Though maybe what I'll be is to tired to pig out....or maybe just too full still.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Over to the subject of VoIP....

Meanwhile, speaking of the 37601 zipcode....

I also happened to be looking to see if phone numbers in this area were available with my current VoIP providers.

Right now I use Vonage for my voice service and Lingo for my fax service. Namely because when I first signed up for VoIP, number portability wasn't a required thing yet and wasn't available in my area. So, I went through the hassle of switching everything to reflect a new phone number. A Vonage assigned number.

Later when I decided to completely rid myself of landline, I found out from Vonage that they can't port numbers to their Fax Line option....only voice lines....and part of the reason was the the less capable fax line service was cheaper than a full blown voice line. I found that I didn't have a requirement to stay with Vonage for the fax line. Especially since there wasn't a difference in price on whether the second voice line was activated to the second port of my current ATA, or if I got them to send me another ATA. Plus it occurred to me that it didn't have to be fax only, and with a separate might be useful should I choose to bring it with me when I travel. Plus the newer ATAs included router functionality....

So, then I found Lingo which offers the UK as part of its 'local' calling area. Though I've only done two calls to the UK since getting it. So, it was hardly a reason. And, 3 cents a minute to use Vonage isn't really a big deal....compared to what I used to spend on long distance.

The other thing about Lingo is that they implement distinctive ring service....and my fax machine can use this to decide whether to answer or not (I also have a DR auto switcher box), so it might be nice to use this down the road. Though it hasn't happened, because I haven't found a suitable excuse to have a virtual number.

But, the plan is after I move, I'll be able to keep my old phone numbers and get new ones.

Anyways....I have discovered that Vonage doesn't have phone numbers for the area code of this zip, let alone for the city....but surprisingly Lingo does.

So, looks like I will be using distinctive ring as a definite should I move to this area. The plan is keeping my current fax number for fax, and adding a local number to this adapter for local voice use. Though the Lingo box is the router combo, while the Vonage is ATA guess I won't be trying VoIP while traveling, any time soon. Though there has been the theory of getting a travel router, though it'll be yet another set of boxes to stash into my bag when I travel...and it is already pretty tedious having to explain all the current ones to the TSA :D

But, what will become of the Vonage line....probably only makes sense if I get a different virtual number and so that it will continue to function as my main number. This will require some thought and quite likely the acquistion of additional technology. Or perhaps Vonage will get numbers for the area or something.

OTOH, I might have a traditional landline....though that'll more likely be if naked DSL isn't an option.... Hopefully, where I move will be an area where I can get both DSL and Cable....since I've been thinking of doing the dual home network for a long time (though the QoS functionality of the Sveasoft/WRT54GS setup has largely eliminated the need to separate different bandwith coming devices on my home network....)

Boy I wish, I get to actually play around with some of these issues soon....

Guess it is time to give blood again...

I happened to glance at the answering machine that announces to callers that they've reached my fax machine and need to press send, and saw that there was a message waiting for me.

Actually there were several, most were the usual automated callers that don't know that they aren't supposed to call me, etc.

But, there was a message from Allstate...which seemed odd, because it wasn't my agent and it is still a few months off to renewal time.

Later as I thumbed through my caller id, I noticed that the American Red Cross had also called. But, no message associated with it.

It then occurred to me that maybe they were calling to let me know that there was going to be a blood mobile at my place of work....Allstate is one of the other tenants in the building and they ran the last drive....back on September 13th, 2005.

So, I went over to the blood site to see when there was an upcoming drive. Sure enough, the blood mobile will be there for Allstate Insurance on May 24th, 2006.

Wonder if I'll still be around for it. I kind of hope that I'm not....occurred to me in my current obsession around the 37601 zipcode...that while I was on the site, I should maybe take a peek and see if there were any blood drives near by during the days of interest (namely the evening of April 16th or the afternoon/evening of April 17th).

As it turns out there is one in the afternoon of April 17th....wonder if I'll make my way over there to give blood. Wonder what are the rules about donating in a different city....or state than normal (or place of residence). Wonder if I'll feel up to giving blood after my job interview that morning....

Guess we'll see..... ;D

Now if I do give, I won't be elligible to donate at the Allstate drive....though I don't have a reason that I have to donate at that particular drive anymore....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Google Earth Wish List

The neat thing about the power of Google Earth and Google Maps, is changing the way some things are searched for on the Internet.

Though there is one search that I've been doing a lot lately, that sure would be nice if Google (or some other interactive map search) would provide.

Integrate with an apartment finder service and show you where the apartments are near a certain location (or in relation to other ammenities, such as grocery stores, public transportation, schools, parks, etc.)

And today, I was thinking that it would be nice if there was an option to show timeshares....

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Interesting bug in my customized Google Homepage

Here's an interesting bug in my Stock Market view on my customized Google Homepage.

'YHOO' is showing among my other stocks.

Only I don't want it on there, I neither own the stock nor have any interest in owning it. But, try as I might, I just can't seem to remove it.

I click on edit and click the X, and it goes away....but when I'm done....'YHOO' reappears.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Best picture goes to gritty drama 'Crash'

Here's an interesting thing....given all the hype made about "Brokeback Mountain".

I haven't seen "Brokeback Mountain", and I couldn't recall why I would've had a reason to watch it....

OTOH, I have seen "Crash", and I thought it was an interesting/good movie....though I think the only reason I initially wanted to see it was because "Sandra Bullock" was in it.

And, when I did one of those who do I think will will Oscars surveys....I had selected "Crash" to take it. Though from the instant survey results, I was in the minority....with "Brokeback Mountain" being hyped into the lead. Of course, the poll was probably tainted because everybody else had heard gone with the hype. And, then there are those that answered more honestly that might be limited in that they didn't watch all the nominees...etc.

Still....nice to know that I was right on (at least) one count. Considering I don't really pay attention to these award things.....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die

I happened to have recorded/watched Oprah yesterday....which featured a segment on "The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die".

It has been a long time since I've had a good hamburger....I had one many years ago, that was great...but I don't remember where. Since then I've mostly been eating burgers from McDonalds or Wendy's.

Unfortunately, in the quest to make burgers healthy...McDonalds has taken all the flavour out of their their Big'n no longer tasty....kind of bland. So, I hardly ever eat at McDonalds now (except when I have a craving for their fries, though I hear they'll be playing around with that again)....though when it comes to fast food on the road, I tend to still pickout McDonalds...because at least I'll get what I expect. Not like the time I was on a trip, and made the mistake of eating at Burger King.....the food poisoning kind of ruined the rest of the trip.

At least it wasn't a trip for job interview....

Since moving to where Wendy's is on the wrong side of the Interstate, is why I haven't been there in a while....

Anyways...this list certain sounds like something I should do....I've been thinking that one of these days I should explore this country I live in, and maybe this'll be the excuse to do that.

Of course, it'll have to wait until I have a job again...and get back to where my boss comes down on me for not using up my vacation time properly....

Though I do now have this craving for a nice hamburger....though I can't think of where I might go to get one.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The interesting things you see in blog stats 2

Continuing my rant about the things I'm seeing in blog statistics....(and an excuse to see how the JustBlogIt extension works with this site)

One thing I find really annoying is seeing the bad things that bring people to my blog site.

I don't and won't engage in these things, but evidently it doesn't stop people from coming back they are looking on how to crack software, obtain serial numbers, other other ways to avoid having to buy software that they want to use.

I always felt that it was because I'm a Professional software developer that it is why I don't do it, though I've have learned from my peers that it is not because I'm a software developer that I won't pirate or steal software. It is because I'm a Professional....and perhaps more specifically because I am a Professional Engineer.

Which is important now that I live in a country that no longer recognizes the significance of being a REAL Engineer.

Monday, January 30, 2006

I finally made an journal entry...

...on AudioScrobbler (now

And, this is so this blog site won't feel neglected.... ;D