Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ohio LinuxFest 2008

Well, I'm another step....or maybe I am the final step....close to going to the Ohio LinuxFest.

About 6 weeks ago, when the hotel information was released on the site, I booked a room for the Ohio LinuxFest. Even though I hadn't fully worked out how I was going to get there or if I wanted to do anything in Columbus, Ohio other than the LinuxFest.

But, now that the (non-refundable) flight is booked. I guess my itinerary is much more set.

It is basically take a day off work to travel from Manhattan, KS to Columbus, OH. Then LinuxFest it. And, then eventually find my way back at work in Manhattan, KS. Though it'll be like plan to sleep in on Sunday, so that I can do the dead dog.... And, also crash out Monday to recover from the travel. Kind of works, because I often take Columbus Day as my floating holiday/discretionary day.

At my previous job, we had what was called a floating holiday. Which somewhere out of all the holidays that the company observed, we ended up with one other company holiday that wasn't attached to a holiday. There were various holidays during the year that were observed by the company....and we could take one of those off. In my current job, we observe many more holidays than before....but Veteran's Day is a holiday that should be observed, and is by the government. But, since I work for a University...if there's class in session that day, then I have to work. So, I guess that translates to our discretionary day.

In either case, Columbus Day is not a holiday observed by either (or anybody?)...but it is known as Canadian as a joke to having previously lived in Canada, I take that day off. Though I don't do the big turkey dinner(s) until regular Thanksgiving. Usually I just try to delivers land on that day and run other personal errands on that day. Like every few years there's that hike to the inaccessible (by foot) place to get my State ID renewed.

This year I'll probably just sleep off the Ohio LinuxFest. Though I do have a excess of vacation days acrued, and I'm at risk of hitting my maximum even before the Ohio LinuxFest....and with no Xmas plans on the horizon....or anything planned until Penguicon 7.0....I'll probably max out shortly after the event. So, may be in need to plan other ways to burn vacation days. Plus I've been thinking of other 'holidays' that I might use the discretionary day on instead.

Should be interesting to see what happens in the future...apparently, they are saying that they can't make us work on Veteran's Day anymore....though I would think students still need faculty to show up that day. Though they may distinguish between the teaching and non-teaching faculty....though how will the University run without us non-teaching faculty there? Personally, I don't miss not getting Veteran's Day as a holiday...since it wasn't a company holiday before I came to work a Kansas State University. Seems only government or related jobs observe it.

Anyhoo, it'll be interesting going to the Ohio LinuxFest...for the first time. Especially considering that I used to live in Columbus, Ohio.