Friday, July 31, 2009

Looks Tempting, but will it be irresistible?

Earlier today I was craving bacon, and when I usually make bacon...I use the grease to make runny eggs and toast. And, that's a meal.

But, I have a patty in the fridge that was going to be supper. Also had one last everything bagel.

So, I decided to put it all together.

Fried up 3 strips of bacon. While patty was being grilled up. Then toasted the bagel.

Put bacon on plate and dropped an egg into the fry pan. And, then dropped one side of the bagel on to it. Hmmm, the yolk fits nicely into the hole. Wonder how that'll make things turn out....probably really messy when I pick it up to eat.

The drop another egg and repeat with other side of bagel. Slide patty in between the slices...and it sure looks pretty.

Take a picture it'll last longer :D
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