Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Bleed Purple Today

Apparently, I've lost count again....today's was only donation number 32.

Was kind of a different experience. Guess people's schedules are different this year, this is normally a busy time of day to go for a donation. Like I didn't expect to only see one person waiting in the chairs....usually its at least half full.

There was no waiting for a bed, either. Plenty of empty ones.

Though I think it is time to switch arms.....seems it is getting harder and harder for them to find the vein. Today, was even worse....because they missed, and kept pushing the needle around trying to find it. Maybe a little more left, maybe deeper, maybe in more.... After that it went pretty good.

One thing that held....witnessed a fainting. Probably a higher probability given that this is a University setting. For me I have to be more careful during the summer blood drive...especially since it is so much hotter here in Manhattan, KS....