Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another PLAN increase

Well, today I found a letter from PLAN in my mail box. My first thought was did the child I'm sponsoring move away again. Since it happened the last two years (2005, 2006).

But, it was PLAN asking for an increase in my sponsorship from $24/month to $29/month. This'll be my second increase in the time that I've been participating. When I originally signed up, it was only $20/month.

At the time, still is...the magic threshold was (up to) $250/year. That's the amount I normally allocate to my selected causes each year. And, PLAN (Childreach as it was known at the time) was under this magic mark at $240/year. When it increased to $24/month, or $288/year. I tolerated, because I didn't want to drop support for the child I was sponsoring....unlike when I was first laid off and relocated, etc. The organization took the child away from me, even though at no time was I not able to continue making my contribution. But, simple because I had moved.....from Canada to the US. In Canada, it was still known by the old name of "Foster Parent's Plan". Note sure why I stayed with the same organization...but I did. Though it was 6 months before I signed up...which was largely based on the fact that it was supposed to be a 6 month contract to hire (though it actually took 16 months).

Now it'll be like $348/year. But, I'm gonna do it anyways....even though I'm making a lot less money than what I was making before (as well as what the average for my occupation is).

What does remain to be seen is how this'll impact how many other 'select' causes I give to. And, whether or not I follow through on that thought of sponsoring more than just one (at the time, and still is, largely a matter of what other organization would I sponsor through.)