Monday, September 01, 2008

HIS Free Furniture Giveaway

Helping International Students had their annual Free Furniture Giveaway this year on August 30th. Postponed from August 23rd due to rain.

It was interesting to see what all furniture was being given away, and that it was more than just furniture. Makes me wonder if I should rethink my upgrade plans.

Like someday I want to follow through on my threat to just have a recliner sitting in the middle of my living room in front of the TV. But, that calls for the displacement of the futon that currently occupies the spot. I've debated on whether it would move to another part of my condo, or find its way out to the trash. But, the giveaway gives me another option. Wonder if I'll get a new cover for it in the mean time?

Elsewhere, it does have me wondering if I could've found a new home for my old dryer...instead of having it hauled off. Too late for that, but it does make me wonder about other future upgrades. Guess it would depend on the process of having the goods taken off of my hands, etc.

Also I thought I saw things like clothes being available. I threw a whole pile of pants and shorts out soon after moving here to Manhattan, on account that I've gained a little weight starting the job at K-State. Actually, there's another growing pile of pants and shorts...and shirts now...forming since the expansion has continued.

Plus there's probably that pile of household gadgets I buy, that after I get...I find I have no use for it or that some better gadget has come along.


On another subject, it did also make me think about getting my driver's license...and maybe owning some vehicle so that I could help out with the transportation of stuff, etc.
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