Thursday, November 09, 2006

Among the many things I do as a Unix Systems Administrator at K-State, is doing updates to our DNS server. And, from time to time see the stuff that comes across our internal listserv for DNS requests.

Today, we got the request for the 'top-level' name of "donteatpoop" fits into the 4 usual suspects of with and without 'www.' in front of it, and with both and as the domain name.

Kind of a strange name to request, considering where it redirects to, etc....and being an ex-Canadian, it hasn't escaped me that its also a .ca site....

I don't however take care of the web content, so it is kind of strange looking redirect, etc.... Which only stood out because earlier this morning (while getting ready to leave home for work) I happened to do some googling on web redirection. Though I was looking on how to best implement the masked variety. Because the library would like to have a nicer domain name than the current exposed host name, port number and long (application revealing) URI that currently shows for one of the many growing digital content related stuff that the library now offers.

I have two approaches that came up to try, only somebody else should decide on what the 'nice' name should be....

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