Friday, April 14, 2006

Guess it is time to give blood again...

I happened to glance at the answering machine that announces to callers that they've reached my fax machine and need to press send, and saw that there was a message waiting for me.

Actually there were several, most were the usual automated callers that don't know that they aren't supposed to call me, etc.

But, there was a message from Allstate...which seemed odd, because it wasn't my agent and it is still a few months off to renewal time.

Later as I thumbed through my caller id, I noticed that the American Red Cross had also called. But, no message associated with it.

It then occurred to me that maybe they were calling to let me know that there was going to be a blood mobile at my place of work....Allstate is one of the other tenants in the building and they ran the last drive....back on September 13th, 2005.

So, I went over to the blood site to see when there was an upcoming drive. Sure enough, the blood mobile will be there for Allstate Insurance on May 24th, 2006.

Wonder if I'll still be around for it. I kind of hope that I'm not....occurred to me in my current obsession around the 37601 zipcode...that while I was on the site, I should maybe take a peek and see if there were any blood drives near by during the days of interest (namely the evening of April 16th or the afternoon/evening of April 17th).

As it turns out there is one in the afternoon of April 17th....wonder if I'll make my way over there to give blood. Wonder what are the rules about donating in a different city....or state than normal (or place of residence). Wonder if I'll feel up to giving blood after my job interview that morning....

Guess we'll see..... ;D

Now if I do give, I won't be elligible to donate at the Allstate drive....though I don't have a reason that I have to donate at that particular drive anymore....

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