Monday, April 17, 2006

Logan's Roadhouse

is where I had supper today in Johnson City, TN....

First and only place now outside of the normal realm of experience....other than yesterday eating at Outback Steakhouse and asking for a table for 1, but at least I had eaten there once before in my life.

Anyways, back to Logan's Roadhouse. Turned out to be a good experience eating here, even though I'm feeling excessively stuffed.

But, that's because they heard me wrong when taking my order and my Steak and Shrimp combo entree arrived as a Steak and Rib combo entree. No problem, they let me keep the ribs and brought me the shrimp. I'm sure I was under no obligation to eat everything and they brought me a container to take stuff home if need be. Though not very practical since this is part of my trip to Johnson City, TN...and I'm flying back home tomorrow....

So, I just ate and ate...and let my belt out another notch.....and ate some more. Then I paid my bill, applying my customary math for the tip...rounding up, of course. And, made my way back to the Comfort Suites to.....find stuff online to occupy my time until I feel sufficient tired to call it a night.

It is a shame that there isn't a whole lot on TV to watch tonight....though it is really hard watching the TV, since it is a regular 4:3 TV...and worse it is the highly rounded tube least my old SD TV was of the flatter/squarer tube type....but now it just looks so bad compared to the HDTV (DLP RPTV) that I have.

At least last night I had some stuff to watch, because I had transferred some video files to my laptop before leaving. I suppose if I was really desparate, I could do the same...though the process is a bit more complicated since the computer that runs DVArchive is different than the computer that I can do file transfers with (oddly, the one IM client that works for this has been Windows Messenger.....) But, it is slow and painful and I think by the time I get it done, it'll be time for some ZZZ's. Only have about 512kbps for upstream with my home Internet connection.

Though a speedtest I did last night, recorded a 3Mbps upstream for the hotel's wifi connection. (though it only recorded a 1.5Mbps downstream....probably more people downloading than uploading in the hotel....)

The other meals this trip haven't been very significant....(though it was a nice thick, medium rare steak that I had....)

I had lunch at McDonalds in CVG (had an over 3 hour layover there)....then Outback Steakhouse was the supper....Today, a pastry and a coffee was my breakfast...guess you have to be early to do waffles....its self serve, but I guess they have a limited number of cups of premeasured batter, etc....guess I'll miss them again tomorrow, because I plan to not get up as early.... Meanwhile, I had lunch at Panera Bread....having the Pepperblue Steak sandwich. Wow, all this beef....though I was craving it a while ago...because it is scarce now when I'm scrounging up supper at home.

Wonder what I'm going to do tomorrow.... there's that bag of Al Dente Garlic Parsley Fettuccine

Though how late am I'm going to be at getting home....well, I guess I won't be that late...guess I'll plan for it. Though maybe what I'll be is to tired to pig out....or maybe just too full still.

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