Friday, April 14, 2006

Over to the subject of VoIP....

Meanwhile, speaking of the 37601 zipcode....

I also happened to be looking to see if phone numbers in this area were available with my current VoIP providers.

Right now I use Vonage for my voice service and Lingo for my fax service. Namely because when I first signed up for VoIP, number portability wasn't a required thing yet and wasn't available in my area. So, I went through the hassle of switching everything to reflect a new phone number. A Vonage assigned number.

Later when I decided to completely rid myself of landline, I found out from Vonage that they can't port numbers to their Fax Line option....only voice lines....and part of the reason was the the less capable fax line service was cheaper than a full blown voice line. I found that I didn't have a requirement to stay with Vonage for the fax line. Especially since there wasn't a difference in price on whether the second voice line was activated to the second port of my current ATA, or if I got them to send me another ATA. Plus it occurred to me that it didn't have to be fax only, and with a separate might be useful should I choose to bring it with me when I travel. Plus the newer ATAs included router functionality....

So, then I found Lingo which offers the UK as part of its 'local' calling area. Though I've only done two calls to the UK since getting it. So, it was hardly a reason. And, 3 cents a minute to use Vonage isn't really a big deal....compared to what I used to spend on long distance.

The other thing about Lingo is that they implement distinctive ring service....and my fax machine can use this to decide whether to answer or not (I also have a DR auto switcher box), so it might be nice to use this down the road. Though it hasn't happened, because I haven't found a suitable excuse to have a virtual number.

But, the plan is after I move, I'll be able to keep my old phone numbers and get new ones.

Anyways....I have discovered that Vonage doesn't have phone numbers for the area code of this zip, let alone for the city....but surprisingly Lingo does.

So, looks like I will be using distinctive ring as a definite should I move to this area. The plan is keeping my current fax number for fax, and adding a local number to this adapter for local voice use. Though the Lingo box is the router combo, while the Vonage is ATA guess I won't be trying VoIP while traveling, any time soon. Though there has been the theory of getting a travel router, though it'll be yet another set of boxes to stash into my bag when I travel...and it is already pretty tedious having to explain all the current ones to the TSA :D

But, what will become of the Vonage line....probably only makes sense if I get a different virtual number and so that it will continue to function as my main number. This will require some thought and quite likely the acquistion of additional technology. Or perhaps Vonage will get numbers for the area or something.

OTOH, I might have a traditional landline....though that'll more likely be if naked DSL isn't an option.... Hopefully, where I move will be an area where I can get both DSL and Cable....since I've been thinking of doing the dual home network for a long time (though the QoS functionality of the Sveasoft/WRT54GS setup has largely eliminated the need to separate different bandwith coming devices on my home network....)

Boy I wish, I get to actually play around with some of these issues soon....

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