Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Debt to Pack Rat Propensity?

Wonder if anybody has done a study on the relationship between a person's personal debt and their tendancy to be a pack rat?

I've always been quite a pack rat. I have boxes and boxes of stuff cluttering up my apartment, some of which probably hasn't been opened since I first left home (1990). While, there are other things that at least got unpacked so that they could be at least seen.

There were are probably 3 (off the top of my head) main reasons why I keep stuff around.

1. worried I'll need it some day, and don't want to buy it again.
2. memories
3. nostalgic

While 2 and 3 are probably heavily intertwined...the best distinction is probably....keeping my old school notebooks (2) or keeping a 100MB harddrive (3).

Well, once upon a time...and up until about a year and half ago...I had times it was pretty serious, too. And, I kept all kinds of things. Like great big boxes of clothing I had outgrown...back when I was extremely underweight, as opposed to where people still consider me underweight, but I see being 50% heavier than I was an improvement. In comparison, I feel heavy...and it seems to be making me less active. Though there are other health reasons why I'm this way. But, I'm hoping that after I relocate to Manhattan, KS, etc....that I'll be able to work on address this.

Anyways...I've been slowly working on packing some of my stuff up...and as I go through things (both previously unpacked and boxes that hadn't been opened since a previous move)...I'm finding it much easier to throw away stuff than I used to.

Like I am going to free myself of all the old clothes that doesn't fit me anymore (except where it falls into category 3, like my old Scout uniform ;)

As for the 100MB harddrive, that's already packed away somewhere. It was the first harddrive that I ever personally purchased and owned.....

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