Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What is my local calling area?

Or more importantly, is 785-304 in my local calling area?

Why is it that this kind of information seems absolutely impossible to find. Can't seem to find it via Google. Can't find it on my phone company's site (AT&T)....there was a localcalling form on an SBC site, which I found using Google, but it refuses to accept 785 as a valid area code.

I suppose the obvious thing is to try calling the number from a toll restricted phone and see if it works. Though I don't currently have access to one....the one on my desk here at work still doesn't work.

But, it would be nice to find out if the number that T-Mobile assigned me can be reached from work, without being blocked for being non-local. Since it is kind of the point of why I switched my T-Mobile number from the Columbus, Ohio number I was using.

It is one of the strange backward things about landlines these days. With my cellphone and VoIP, I can call anywhere in the US...as easily as locally. And, VoIP extends my reach further....

But, a basic local toll only phone line from AT&T is double the 500 minute plans from Lingo or Vonage. And, way more than the Broadvoice's BYOD-lite plan. Though I'm probably gonna easily exceed the 100 minute allotment that it gives. While I've had trouble exceeding the 500 minute allotments.

I suppose what I might look at is the use of simulring or call forwarding. Actually, this sounds like a good thing to test selective call forwarding on...and I wonder if there's a limit on how many different numbers to selectively call forward. IE: all my co-workers and all the different numbers they might call me from.



The Dreamer said...

Unfortunately, the answer is that it isn't.

Though I'm not all that certain it will have a significant pattern on my usage....

At least, when I dial 7....there'll be a better chance that it'll go to the expected destination (someone else in the 785 areacode)....already called somebody in 614 land, by accident

The Dreamer said...

Well, the email to AT&T about what my local numbers are....didn't get an actual response...just links to the support areas on their site. And, telling me to go look for the answer myself.

But, I had already been looking, when I resorted to emailing them for help. If I had found it, I wouldn't have resorted to asking. In fact, I would've preferred to find it on my own. I hate asking for help...especially since all I seem to get are unhelpful answers.

Later I did find two pages that purport to give this info on their site (though I used google to find the pages). Except neither worked....the sbc.com one kept saying that I had entered an invalid area code and that it needs to be 3 digits.

The att.com one said it couldn't provide the information for the number I had entered.

Further searching, I found this site:


And, this gave me the answer....