Saturday, August 12, 2006

Microsoft wants to buy back my shares

I've gotten two letters and at least 4 urgent emails telling me that Microsoft wants to buy back shares...and that I need to respond if I want to get on this deal, or just ignore if I don't want to.

Well, obviously I'm going to ignore the offer....they are like only offering $24-22 a share in the buyback. And, my basis is $30 a share.

And, I don't need the capital gains loss this year...since I just made a major relocation for a new job....(and not to work for Microsoft, who had recruiters calling me regularly to ask if I'd come work for them....and then never hearing back, except to hear from people that were at Microsoft that it wasn't unusual to be interviewed and then not hear back for over a year....)

Actually, there was a time where I thought that if they dropped to $20...I might double my position (to bring my basis down to $25 ;D)....but it never got that low and now I don't have the disposable income to do it.

Meanwhile, I'm still slowly catching up on my email Outlook I'm up to July 20th and there's more than 1700 messages ahead .... It is worse in Thunderbird, because there are things I skipped over that I intend to go back and "This is True" and "DNRC" newsletters....that history goes back to when I was first informed of my lay off.... I also hope to someday make some gain from the employee stock that I had acquired.

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