Saturday, July 01, 2006

Keeping cool at home

What's interesting about right now is that it is pretty cool in my apartment right now, and I don't recall the AC having been on since I got up this morning.

Probably largely due to all the normal stuff not running right now. Hmm, the fridge just started running. Guess it is warm enough inside there to need it, even though I turned way up(?) since there is now hardly anything in there.

Meanwhile, I'm now finding out typing on the keypad of my BB7100t... Finding it rather annoying how it consistantly gets stuff wrong, or at the last second completely makes the word wrong...

There is a plan to eventually replace this device with something else, though I don't know with what yet. Kind of depends on whether I'll be changing carriers due to my move.... There might also be other reasons.
You may be a dreamer, but I'm The Dreamer, the definite article you might say!

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