Saturday, October 14, 2006

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I was thumbing through my caller ID the other day...and noticed this toll free number had been calling me, while I've been at work. And, not leaving any voice mails.

Good thing I turned of Simulring, because it was costing me every time somebody called me whether I answered the call or not. Mainly because of a bad circuit at AT&T...kept dumping calls to my landline into noise. Even though its just a basic local only service, so when I don't answer...nothing else should.

Anyways...just got the call again...decided to see if Google would shed any light....usually it doesn't for these kinds of calls.

But, looks like Discover is phishing again. I wish they'd stop....

The last time I answered a phishing call from Discover...the pitch person said because I have never missed a payment and always pay my card in full each month...for completely free and no charge, I could have credit protection on my account. I didn't sound right, but he offered to send me the information in writing. So, I agreed to that.

The next month...I found charges for credit protection, etc. I called and yelled at Discover about it. They claimed that I had said 'yes' to getting the service, though they don't really record any of their calls....that's just a legal disclaimer incase they did. So, there's no proof that what I said 'yes' to was to get information in writing. Which I didn't get on the following week.

And the credit protection service assumes you won't pay, so they can make money off of the people that never miss a payment and always pay in cover themselves against the people that use the service so they don't have to pay them.

I wish I had a recording of the pitch conversation....then I'd have evidence to back up a complaint against them. But, that's probably why they don't really record any of their calls for quality purposes....

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