Monday, March 06, 2006

Best picture goes to gritty drama 'Crash'

Here's an interesting thing....given all the hype made about "Brokeback Mountain".

I haven't seen "Brokeback Mountain", and I couldn't recall why I would've had a reason to watch it....

OTOH, I have seen "Crash", and I thought it was an interesting/good movie....though I think the only reason I initially wanted to see it was because "Sandra Bullock" was in it.

And, when I did one of those who do I think will will Oscars surveys....I had selected "Crash" to take it. Though from the instant survey results, I was in the minority....with "Brokeback Mountain" being hyped into the lead. Of course, the poll was probably tainted because everybody else had heard gone with the hype. And, then there are those that answered more honestly that might be limited in that they didn't watch all the nominees...etc.

Still....nice to know that I was right on (at least) one count. Considering I don't really pay attention to these award things.....

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