Saturday, July 07, 2007

So much for the convenience of eBay Express

It has been a while since I bought stuff off of eBay. And, there were a number of things that I wanted to get. So, I decided to try out eBay Express.

I loaded up my cart and went to checkout. But, I couldn't. Oh yeah, that's right...the checkout is broken and has never worked. Everytime I commit, it comes back with a message that my cart has changed, and to review it. But, I didn't change anything...but clicking it keeps bringing back to the message.

Finally, I do the horrible thing and hunt down a computer with IE, and try it. The checkout works this time. >:X

The point of doing eBay express versus buying each item separately, was to only have one charge to PayPal (and one transfer from my account). Well, I bought 3 things, there are 3 separate PayPal transactions and 3 separate bank account transfers.

I could've done that! Without the pain and agony of dealing with eBay Express!!!!

Pretty much these days the only reason to still shop eBay (other than to bid on something I can't find anywhere else) to find the merchants that ship by USPS. Since any other delivery would require me to walk a couple of miles to pick it up.....which reminds me....

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