Friday, February 01, 2008

ATM Withdrawal Fee

I guess I have been spoiled by the First Internet Bank of Indiana.

Today, I stopped on my way back from IDM in the K-State Student Union to get some cash. There's an ATM in there that doesn't charge a surcharge to make withdrawals....regardless of bank.

Not horribly important because FIBI doesn't charge ATM withdrawal fees, and refunds the first $6 in ATM surcharges each month.

The key here is the forgotten ATM withdrawal fee. I had forgotten that B&M banks charge you money to use other ATMs to access compound the injustice of surcharges (usually) added on by the ATM that you used.

Well, this time instead of using my FIBI Check Card, I decided to give my K-State Federal Credit Union Check Card a try.....

Because I used the no surcharge machine, there was no surcharge on that end of the transaction.... But, I found that the K-State FCU dinged me $1 on their side for the transaction. :(

Oh well....guess I'll keep the K-State FCU accounts for now.

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