Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another K-State Federal Credit Union FAIL.

Today, I had another FAIL with K-State Federal Credit Union.

I went to deposit a check from my parents, something I've done often with my other bank without any problems.

The teller stares at the check for a while, and then asks me my account information and then wants me to endorse the check.

But, then says it can't be deposited. Goes off and comes back saying it'll take up to a month before it can be deposited. And, wants to know if I still want to deposit it.

Well, she made me endorse it already.

And, then there's no sign that I did the I have to take it on faith that when the check clears, it'll be deposited into my savings account? And, that I'm not going to get any notice one way or the other?

If they weren't going to accept the check, they shouldn't have made me endorse it first. I would then have had no problem with going to a different bank to deposit the check.

Remind me what were the advantages of being in a credit union, instead of a real bank?

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The Dreamer said...

I went by the bank on Oct 29th to see what was the status of the deposit. I was told that it still hadn't gone through and that it could really take a month.

I was told that they could ask for the check back and that I could try taking it somewhere else. And, that even though the teller had made me endorse it...before telling me that they wouldn't deposit it....the teller could've told me that I could cross out the endorsement and take the check back.

Well, she could've...but she didn't.

I then was told that I when the check did finally get cashed...I wouldn't find out until they mailed me the receipt of the transaction... I asked if there was some faster way to find out when, but was told no.

Next I was offered a loan so that I could use the money in the mean time...a loan to use money that I'm trying to deposit so that I can pay my American Express card in full (I have the Sign&Travel option, so my Xmas trip could be deferred and incur interest charges) and avoid interest charges.

But, why should I be paying interest to use my money?

Finally, she offered to call and research the matter and call me tomorrow about the deposit.

Well, the next day...late morning...I get the call. She reports that the check had actually cleared the day before...and it would now show up in my bank account.

So, today I paid off (online) my American Express card. I could've stretched to November 7th, but didn't really want case there are issues with getting American Express to take the money directly from my K-State Federal Credit Union checking account.

Paying the card from my usual account would require a couple of bank transfers....