Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Mastercard got jacked!

Today was Wingsday.

It was a glorious Wingsday....6 free traditional wings (Asian Zing), 6 boneless wings (Caribbean Jerk), wedges with cheese (though it isn't the approved cheese...), and some blue cheese dressing to dip. And, we were served by Leslie.

But, when it was time to pay...I decided to use my Mastercard, instead of Discover (the 5% cash back bonus for restaurants was for October, November, December) which I was informed that it was denied. >:(

So, I had to use my Discover card to pay....

Later I called Chase customer service....after entering my information, it then asked me to verify four of my recent transactions. I didn't recognize the first 3 transactions...only the 4th was the denied authorization attempt by Buffalo Wild Wings was recognized.

Guess it was good that they were blocking transactions on my card. Somebody was trying to buy $1600 in computer equipment and services with it.

I pressed the button to speak to somebody about things, went over the details of the transactions and they decided to cancel my card. So now I have to wait for a new credit card to come again.

This is the second time this has happened to this particular Mastercard. None of my other cards have experienced this sort of thing....yet.

It did cross my mind that maybe I look for a different brand of Mastercard, though the work of finding a new reward card, etc. I don't know if I want that. Guess the Perfectcard is just too perfect....

It seemed interesting that after I used my Mastercard to make a purchase at a certain local business....another customer mentioned to me that now if I start seeing strange, large purchase on my card that it might be too much of a coincidence....which is why that person only spends cash at that business, even though he prefers to use his credit card as much as possible for its rewards.

Never crossed my mind at the time, but I would've probably still used it...since I was tapped for cash during the holidays....waiting for the surcharge free ATM in the K-State Student Union to become accessible again....(though I did make a withdrawal at an ATM that hit me with a $2 surcharge, because the no-surcharge ATM was out of order and I couldn't put it off anymore...)

Looking forward to Chipotday, tomorrow.

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