Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Uncle Sam Starts Handing Out Digital TV Coupons

With the start of the new year, you can now request your (up to 2 per household) $40 off coupon on digital-to-analog TV converter boxes.

Word is that places like Best Buy will have the boxes in February for around $60. The analog TV ends on February 17th, 2009.

Wonder if the stations will fix it so that I can get digital over the air around here. Can get analog now, but the only digital station that I can get is WIBW-DT.....its the problem with get nice clean picture, etc...but its pretty much all or nothing.


Anonymous said...

What channel is WIBW-DT? Before DT, I could receive WIBW just fine, but it's not coming up in a channel scan.

The Dreamer said...

PSIP will set it to 13-1. It currently transmits on what would be on channel 44 (though I hear it changes to 13 when analog goes away).

Might be curious to see if that improves my reception of it or not....though I don't think I'll get a CECB or other OTA tuner. And, probably won't play with the one in my TiVo HD...since its a pain going through guided setup again, and I'm getting cablecards next month.

Anonymous said...

Weird, I'm not getting anything. Maybe this is an excuse to stick an antenna on the roof...

The Dreamer said...

According to the signal meter in my TiVo HD, I'm only getting ~51 out of 100 for WIBW-DT presently. Don't know how to coax it into seeing if anything else shows up.

Not much option being an apartment dweller and there being neighboring apartment buildings in my path (and not being on the top floor).

Back when I lived in Columbus, Ohio...I did have a top floor apartment. And, the buildings weren't jammed as tightly together.

Though at one time I was trying to figure out if I could hang an Antennas Direct DB8 in the living room window, or stand one on my improve things.

But, I've moved on to want to stick up other kinds of antennas at home.