Sunday, July 24, 2005

Google Toolbar for Firefox

Recently, I installed removed the unofficial Google Bar and installed the Official Google Bar in my Firefox browser on my main desktop.

The reason is because I upgraded to v1.06, which altered the way roboform works. Namely, the roboform toolbar was showing up on top of the google bar, making it less accessible.

Plus there were other bugs in the googlebar, so I was looking to upgrade it.

Because certain other people have blogs on this site, and the office google bar has a "BlogThis!" button. I decided to add yet another Blog site to my arsenal....

Now to upgrade my other computers....

Meanwhile, the A9 toolbar sticks itself under the roboform toolbar, so its days might be numbered.... Except that I kind of like it. Possibly enough that I might see if they, or some other part, is hiring.

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