Friday, July 29, 2005

iWon News: Congress Passes Far-Reaching Energy Bill

Inside is the measure that changes Daylight Saving to be longer...adding 3 weeks in the spring and 1 week in the fall.

Won't go into effect until 2007.

Guess that gives Canada time to mull whether to follow suit or not. Don't know what the EU is going to do....which currently already starts their DST a wee before we do.

More importantly, I won't still be at my present job when I have to figure out how to get all the servers to observe the new Daylight Saving timing. It is hard, because there are a number of servers that are operated on the "if it ain't broke, don't upgrade it" philosophy. Especially, if upgrading means spending money. Might be a hard sell to buy RHEL4 ES (because there's no more RedHat Linux Professional) just because NIS is considered a server feature, so it is omitted from the WS version. Though FTPd is also a server feature, so some users have complained about not being able to ftp in to those build machines. (too much trouble to rlogin -- without passwords because of .rhosts, and use ftp over there.)

Though last night, for inexplicable reasons...a co-worker's cube lost power...he's on a UPS, the same UPS that I'm on. So the guess is the cleaners might have bumped his power last night. But, it trashed a he had to wait for me to come in and repair it.

Wonder what he'll do when I job ends, and I leave....

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