Saturday, November 12, 2005

Are You Infected by Sony-BMG's Rootkit?

There was once a significant gap in my CD buying, because of my first encounter with a copy-protected music CD.

It was a Natalie Imbruglia CD from BMG.

Oddly, it was another artist also under BMG that got me buying CDs again.

And, then when I got my CD buying reached a significant frenzy. Largely because old CDs I hadn't listened to in a long time, suddenly were being listened to...and that prompted me to search out more music by these artists...and buying those CDs.

But, looks like the record companies want us all to stop buying music.

The bad thing is it has been so long since I actually listened directly from a CD. These days I only take the CD out of its case once, and that is to get it on to my iPod. Once there the CD usually gets thrown aside, but someday I'll get the new shelf (or more) and get my collection under control again.

I have two shelves that are rated to hold 500 CDs each, and they are overflowing with CDs. Plus one fell over a while back, so I've been meaning to replace it for some time. Looking at something that'll hold at least 1500, but maybe that won't be enough by the time I get around to it.

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